Professional Remodeling Service from Design to Construction

Professional Design

Is our mission to provide our customers with the best solution and value for your Long Island kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. We offer layout and design, customer service, trained and professional installers, top quality cabinetry. Our success is dependent upon the satisfaction of our customers so we proudly provide top quality service.

We offer undeniable quality and selection at excellent prices. What ever your budget, desires or requirements we have a cabinet line that will meet your expectations. Find your favorite style and have our professional installation team create your dream kitchen or bathroom!

The team at Creative Stone and Cabinets work with you every step of the way during your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. From design to construction, we are with you to make sure that these important rooms will look and function at their very best. Some of the most important aspects of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling of your Long Island home are the cabinets in each room. Not only do the cabinets provide the essential storage for the things you need, but they set a design tone that is very important to the aesthetic of your Long Island home. Our team can remodel the kitchen and bathroom cabinets for you, and provide a cost effective, yet stylish and beautiful experience.

From bathroom cabinets, to kitchen cabinets, Long Island homes have never been more organizational and aesthetically pleasing after working with the team at Creative Stone and Cabinets. We are a fully immersive countertop and cabinet design team. By working with us, you will be able to design and craft the kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets that your Long Island home has always deserved. If you think your kitchen or bathroom needs a makeover, our team can help! Call us today to start working on your kitchen or bathroom remodel

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen of your Long Island home is one of the most important rooms of the entire house. In the kitchen you are cooking, entertaining, and spending time with your family. Shouldn’t your kitchen look and function at its best? That’s where the team at Creative Stone and Cabinets comes in. If you are interested in remodeling the kitchen of your Long Island home, a great place to start is with the cabinets. Our specialty is kitchen and bathroom cabinets offering a variety of colors, designs, recognized brands, as well as the design and fabrication of unique, beautiful granite marble and quartz counter tops from top of the line suppliers of georgeous materials.

  • Durability: When you work with the team at Creative Stone and Cabinets, you are not only working with a team who is skilled in design. We take pride in all of our work. Our skilled craftsmen use only the most modern tools and materials that will create cabinets that not only look great, but will stand the test of time. 
  • Custom Design: If you can imagine it, we can design it! The team at Creative Stone and Cabinets pride themselves on creating the design that you have dreamed of. We work closely with you from design to installation to ensure that your vision comes to life. Your kitchen cabinets will tie the style of your kitchen together in a customized aesthetic that you will love for years.
  • Dependable Quality: When you remodel your kitchen with Creative Stone and Cabinets, you will be amazed at the dependable quality of the finished product. The cabinet makeover in your Long Island kitchen will be one that you can depend on. Our expert craftsmen only work with the best materials for cabinets available, so you can be sure to love the quality of your new cabinets. 

Bathroom Cabinets

When you think of cabinets, you probably automatically think of a kitchen. However, cabinets in the bathroom of your Long Island home could make a huge difference to one of the most important rooms of the house. The team at Creative Stone and Cabinets believe that a proper bathroom remodeling job should include some new cabinets in your bathroom, and here’s why.
  • Storage Can Help Maximize Space: The most obvious plus about having a bathroom cabinet is that you will have extra storage. What is great about that is that you can keep things out of sight from guests. Bathroom cabinets can provide a private place for your cleaning and personal products. This will also allow you to have extra space in your bathroom for expressing your design aesthetic.
  • Easy Organization: While your bathroom may be equipped with many drawers, it may not have many cabinets, if any at all. By installing new cabinets in your bathroom, you will allow yourself to become clutter free. Drawers tend to get cluttered quite easily, and cabinets are far easier to organize. Imagine having cabinets in your bathroom that allow you room for towels, robes, cleaning products, makeup, and more! Cabinets are a wonderful addition to any bathroom by providing new levels of organization for you and your family.
  • Variety of Options: When people think of bathroom cabinets, they usually picture them being placed under the sink. However, when you work with Creative Stone and Cabinets, the sky’s the limit for cabinet placement. We can easily install new cabinets not only under the bathroom sink, but on the walls as well. This will leave you many options for bathroom storage. You can finally keep cleaning and personal products or linens separate when you install new cabinets on the wall of your Long Island bathroom. There is no limit to the cabinet options our team can craft for you!