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Countertops In South Valley Stream

Types of Countertops in South Valley Stream, NY

Are you looking for the most popular countertops in South Valley Stream, NY? At Creative Stone & Cabinets, we have everything you need! We feature all of the designs, styles, colors, and materials you can use to make your counters. 

If you have something in mind, be sure to show us a picture. We can help you build your dream kitchen with the number of options we have. Plus, we’ve worked on a variety of Nassau countertops, allowing us to create plenty of designs. 

Want to learn more about the types of counters we have in South Valley Stream, NY? Be sure to stick around!


Granite is one of the top choices for kitchen counters today. It’s very stunning and almost impossible to damage with heat. This material type even adds more real estate to the home. Plus, it comes in thousands of colors! You’re sure to find something you love with granite.

There aren’t many downsides to it, either. It may be a bit pricey, but it’s extremely durable and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. You’ll want to have our experts seal it from time to time, but we can make the sealant last for you.

Overall, this is one of the best countertops out there. Many people living in Nassau have had us install granite counters and love them!


Quartz, also often referred to as engineered stone, consists of various minerals. These minerals are shaped into slabs- they aren’t quarried this way. However, they still come with plenty of benefits and always look very beautiful. 

This option is a great alternative to marble and granite. It’s more cost-efficient and can appear like other types of countertops. For instance, it can easily resemble real marble. It also doesn’t require any sealing.

If you enjoy a classic DIY home project, it’s possible to do so with quartz. It’s also resistant to heat and can come in any size or shape you want. Overall, this material option is extremely popular in South Valley Stream, NY. We’ve installed it in many people’s homes, allowing them to enjoy a beautiful counter space.


Marble is another natural stone that’s often found in people’s kitchens. It’s usually very expensive and seen as a luxury material. No two slabs of marble look alike, so your countertops will always be unique!

This material is waterproof and heatproof, is extremely beautiful, offers unique veining, and can even add to the real estate value of your home. You will need to make sure that you keep up with maintenance- if you don’t the material can scratch easily.

In short, marble is another wonderful material that you can use in your kitchen. These types of countertops are classic and always elegant. If you want unique countertops in South Valley Stream, NY, then you should choose this option.


You can also try a solid-surface countertop. These materials are completely man-made but still offer an alternative countertop. It’s a good option for most homes and comes at a lower price. If you need to cover a lot of counter space, it’s a more cost-efficient way to do so.

Overall, you can also find this type of counter in Nassau. It’s usually a blend of resin and acrylic particles, which are pretty durable. You can find them in various colors and styles, although white and black are the most popular forms for solid-surface counters.

Laminate Counters

Laminate counters are plastic, synthetic surfaces. They’re very simple to clean and maintain while being extremely cost-efficient. They’re easy to customize, so you have an endless amount of options when considering these types of countertops. 

They are also very easy to install as a DIY project. The only downside to these counters is that the seams are always visible. However, this could be seen as a style option, depending on the type of design you decide to go with.

It’s also not as durable as the natural stone countertops, but you can replace them much easier than the other types. Overall, it’s a good option for most people.

Why Choose Us

There’s plenty of reasons to choose Creative Stone & Cabinets as your counter company. We have access to many different types of countertops and always make sure you have a pleasant experience with our team. Here are all of the reasons that you should choose our team to install your countertops.

Wide Selection of Counters

To start, we have a very wide selection of counters at our store. You’ll be able to browse through everything and choose one that stands out to you the most. We recommend that you take some time and check out the rest of our website as well. 

Additionally, we have many designs and custom options for you to consider. We’re sure that you’ll have a lot of fun choosing your own styles and coming up with your own counters. We can even match any kitchen themes that you have.

Overall, we make sure to offer a lot of quality counter materials. That way, all of our customers can choose all of the counters they want- we’re sure to have something stunning that fits your vision!

Many Years of Experience

Plus, we have many years of experience. You can trust us to install your countertops perfectly the first time around because we’ve done it so many times. We’ve also performed the counter installation on a variety of Nassau homes.

If you’re in the area, you might’ve heard about us already! Many of our clients talk about us and leave positive reviews about our work online. You’re sure to also love the work that we do.

Great Customer Service

Finally, we have the best customer service. We always make sure you’re well taken care of when using our services. Make sure that you check out what we have. We can answer any questions that you come up with- so be sure to give us a call!

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