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Countertops In Hewlett Bay

Ideas for Decorating Kitchen Counters in Hewlett Bay, NY

It’s a lot of fun to decorate the new counter. You’ll want to spend some time collecting plenty of pieces, then arranging them how you like. Keep in mind that nothing is permanent- you don’t have to keep everything where it is for years! That makes it a lot easier for many to decorate.

Do you need some tips for decorating kitchen counters at home? When it comes to Nassau decorating we’ve got plenty of unique tips for you to use! So, if you want to learn more, be sure to stick around. Your new countertops are sure to look amazing.

Choose a Statement Object

First, you’ll want to choose a statement item to use on your counter. This object should be interesting and stand out. You then want to place it at the center of your counter space.

You can add a unique piece of art, a statue, pottery, flowers, or other decors. You’ll need to choose something that looks great against your kitchen’s color themes. It should always stand out against the countertops. 

Statement pieces look the best when alone on your counter. That way, they tend to stand out better- having too much clutter or another decor detracts from the impact of your statement object. You should make sure that it has ample space around it.

In short, your statement piece should draw a lot of attention. You want to make sure it looks like it belongs on your counters. Otherwise, everything could feel off balance and out of place.

Add Pops of Color

If you have a neutral color scheme for your kitchen, you should make sure that your decor adds pops of colors. That way, it doesn’t feel boring or overwhelming to be in. You can achieve this by using fruit bowls, flowers, vases, pots, and other items.

It’s best that you keep everything to a consistent color scheme. Everything should feel like it was placed with thought- you don’t want a ton of random colors all over your countertops. When decorating kitchen counters, you also want to make sure everything stays out of the way of cooking and eating activities.

Choose Some Textures

Many homes in Hewlett Bay, NY use textures in the kitchen. This can include wood, flowers, rugs, and tapestries. You want to add warmth to the room since countertops tend to appear “cold” in a design sense.

With more textures, you also have the opportunity to experiment with color. You can choose what you want to put where helping to split up larger kitchens. In short, you can choose a ton of different textures to feature within your space.

Add a Backsplash or Pattern

When you add a backsplash or pattern, you’re helping your solid counters become a stronger visual item in the kitchen. They become a place for people to rest their eyes and enjoy. So, if you want to draw more attention to large countertops, you can always add a fun pattern behind them. There are so many different options for you to choose from too.

You can use tile or vinyl options. Both look amazing when installed properly. You can browse through thousands of different options online, so make sure to take your time and choose something that you love.

Set Out Your Kitchen Items

Just because you have a lot of kitchen tools in your Nassau home, that doesn’t mean you need to hide all of them! A well-placed tea kettle can look like any other decoration on your counters. Plus, this makes it easier to reach the tools you use the most often.

When decorating kitchen counters, you want to have a good mix of your items sitting out. Nice salt and pepper shakers also look wonderful and make it easier for your family to season their food. In short, you’ll want to leave out some kitchen tools. Many people in Hewlett Bay, NY enjoy using their items for decor.

Include Plenty of Plants

Additionally, it’s essential that you add some more greenery to the room. You can use topiary balls, succulents, flowers, and other house plants. There are plenty of options for vases for you to consider as well. 

All plants look great with any type or style of the counter. You will need to make sure that their pots go along nicely with the color themes in your kitchen, though. It’s a lot of fun to choose your favorite plants- you can even include plenty of herbs on the counters!

You can have a lot of fun choosing plants. Plus, they make your counter space look cleaner and fresher. When getting countertops in Hewlett Bay, NY, you have more options for decorating than you might realize. We recommend that you browse all of the plants that are in season at local stores. Don’t have a green thumb? Try out some faux plants instead!

Add More Shelves

You don’t want to clutter your new countertops. Part of decorating kitchen counters may include adding some more shelves to the kitchen. You can use them to hold your spices, utensils, or other kitchen items.

Many Hewlett Bay, NY homes use this method to ensure the counters look great! You’ll have more room for decorating and space to cook or eat.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with having more shelves at home! You’ll have space for all the decorations that you want when you don’t have to set your stuff on the counters.

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If you’re in Nassau and want high-quality countertops, make sure that you reach out to us soon! We have all of the options you need to add something stunning to your home. When we’re finished with the quick installation, you’ll be able to decorate them to your heart’s content.

Overall, we’re always here when you need us! Make sure to give us a call today. We’d enjoy answering your questions and hearing about your planned projects.

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