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Custom Cabinets

In our showroom you will find displays of imported cabinets like FabuwoodForevermarkWolf and also american made cabinets such as WaypointSchrock and DecoraWe offer undeniable quality and selection at excellent prices. What ever your budget, desires or requirements we have a cabinet line that will meet your expectations. 

We have been designing custom cabinets for Long Island kitchens and bathrooms for many years. When it comes to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling on Long Island, there is no other company that works the way that we do. Our team works with each of our clients from start to finish. We do this in order to provide the custom cabinet experience that your Long Island home  deserves. From the design concept to installation, our team will be with you to make sure we are giving you the cabinets that your kitchen and bathroom have always deserved.
There are many reasons that our clients become interested in a cabinet makeover. Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Well a good place to start would be in customizing your cabinets. Your Long Island home will never look better once these rooms are fitted with new and luxurious cabinets. There are quite a few reasons that you may want to customize your cabinets in your Long Island kitchen or bathroom.

long island kitchen cabinet installation

Increasing Your Long Island Home’s Storage Spaces

The major complaint people have about their kitchen and bathroom cabinets is that they do not have enough room for storage. Whether you are storing dishes, appliances, towels, cleaning products, or food, your cabinets should have sufficient space. It is important that your cabinets not only look great, but be functional and spacious as well. If you have an idea of what you would like to store in each cabinet in your kitchen and bathroom, we can help design and build it to your specifications. Imagine cooking with ease when all of your kitchen tools and appliances are at easy reach in your new kitchen cabinets. The more space that exists in your cabinets, the better your cooking at home experience will be. You will also be able to free up space on your countertops when you design the cabinets that you have in mind.

Streamline Your Long Island Home’s Style

Kitchen cabinets on Long Island can say a lot about your home’s style. But what if they are looking worn and out of date? It may be time to give your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a sprucing up. By remodeling your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you will be able to present a more streamlined style to your home. If your cabinets are not looking their best, or they simply do not flow with the rest of your home’s design aesthetic, a remodel might be a great way for you to unify everything. The cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom should catch your eye, not be an eyesore. So if you are experiencing the latter, get in touch with the design team at Creative Stone and Cabinets today for a cabinet makeover consultation!

Cabinets Create the Best First Impression

The cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom are usually the first thing people will notice upon entering the room. If the cabinets are looking worn, out of date, or dingy, you run the risk of creating a bad impression for guests. Worn or ragged cabinets can also make these rooms look sloppy and dysfunctional. You want your guests to see your Long Island home as a place that is free of clutter and sloppiness. By remodeling your cabinets, you can present the proper impression for your guests, and get your Long Island bathroom or kitchen looking its absolute best!

Get Your Kitchen or Bathroom Functional

Do you ever struggle digging through your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets in your Long Island home? It may be time to get your cabinets to a more functional level. By remodeling your cabinets, you can choose new dimensions and measurements that will allow you to store what you need and where you need it. Cooking can be a new and exciting endeavor once you install brand new cabinets. Getting ready for a night out will be easy as can be when you craft a bathroom cabinet that will store all of your necessities. There are many ways that the team at Creative Stone and Cabinets can help you get your cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom back to a functional level again.

Maximize the Value of Your Long Island Home

The real estate market is competitive as ever, and when people are looking to buy a new home they look for style and functionality. If you are planning on selling your home in the future, you may want to consider remodeling your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. By creating cabinets that look and function at their best, you can raise the value of your Long Island home tremendously. You will attract the buyers that want to buy your home exactly as it is, looking stylish, sophisticated, and valuable.
If any of the above reasons speak to you, it may be time for a cabinet makeover. However. no matter the reason, getting a cabinet makeover can be exciting for you and your family. If you would like our design team to get to work on the kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets in your Long Island home, call the team at Creative Stone and Cabinets today!